About Shared Success

The Shared Success Agreement was created by Zack Steven, Founder and CEO of Cloudburst, SBC based on his experience with self, crowd, debt, angel, "friends and family" and VC-funding his way to failure and success.

We're on a mission to democratize tech entrepreneurship and investing

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Historically, the funding options for founders have been limited and end up leaving a lot of amazing ideas, founders, and investors out.

We've tried them all, from credit cards to venture capital. Inspired by the likes of indie.vc and Calm Company Fund, we developed the Shared Success Agreement as the best of both worlds: shared upside without the complexities of equity, unlocking investment by service providers and funders who are not accredited.

We have open-sourced the agreement in the interest of unlocking talent and money that is currently sitting on the sidelines and enabling it to flow to diverse founders everywhere, democratizing entrepreneurship and investing.

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