Invest your talent in startups and build future cash flows.

Use a Shared Success Agreement to contribute a % of your fees in exchange for a share of future revenue, at a multiple.

Invest Your Talent

You have the skills that founders need to succeed, but you don't want to work for free, or forever. An SSA makes it easy to put some skin in the game and build a portfolio.

Set the Terms

With a Shared Success Agreement you decide how much to get paid now and how much earn via revenue share. From 0-100%.

Create Future Cash Flows

Earn a share of the startup's revenue at a multiple that you determine. Invest with your current capacity to create your future cash flows.

Talent Benefits Include...

Not equity

SSAs avoid valuation conversations and keeps the cap table clean for the founder. They share cash but keep control.

Not debt

It's not a liability for the founder because it's based on future revenue. Good news! It's not taxable until payment is made.

Create cash flows

Success payments continue only until the payment cap (based on the multiple) is reached. It preserves options for founders.

Invest in talent

Legal fees and ambiguity can stop projects from getting started. The SSA makes it simple to get on the same page.

Help Startups Grow. Share in the Success.

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