Invest your talent in companies and build future cash flows.

Use a Shared Success Agreement to contribute a % of your fees in exchange for a share of future revenue, at a multiple.

Invest Your Time

You have the skills that founders need to succeed, but you don't want to work for free, or forever. Invest some of your time now to win new business and earn upside when the founder succeeds.

Simple Terms

Decide what % of your fees to invest, at what multiple, and for what % of revenue. Avoid the complexities of equity and valuations, and defer taxes until you get paid.

Create Cash Flows

Invest some of your current capacity in promising founders. Create a portfolio of investments that will generate future cash flows. No waiting 7+ years for an acquisition or liquidity event.

Aaron Sandstrom, from Threaded Solutions:

“I used a form of the Shared Success Agreement with one of my first clients as I was starting my agency. I had a limited track record as a new company and my client was just launching his business. We modeled a wide range of scenarios and found a mutually agreeable split between cash and deferred revenue share compensation. He obtained essential help launching and growing his business while conserving cash by paying a below market cash rate. I started a collaboration with a great business owner at a reasonable cash rate with some upside if I helped him achieve his goals.

We're still working together 3 years later! His business grew substantially and we're using a traditional consulting retainer now, but the revenue share from our Shared Success Agreement will continue for a few years to come. While the Shared Success structure isn't right for all situations, in this case it was an effective way to start a long-term partnership that has been both enjoyable and successful.”
Justin Grammens, from Recursive Awesome:

“With new technology such as Artificial Intelligence being an area companies want to explore with me, I've used Shared Success Agreements to get them the solutions they need with little to no risk until they generate revenue.”

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