Keep your equity and your options. Share your success.

A founder friendly alternative to equity, debt, or a SAFE.

Shared Success is a new founder friendly funding alternative to equity, debt, or a SAFE.

Define your needs.

Whether you need marketing help, software development, legal services, funding, or something else, choose a Shared Success Agreement to reduce the upfront cash cost and align incentives with key partners.

Set the terms.

Decide how much of your future revenue to put on the line and at what multiple. Find folks who share your vision and are willing to be patient. Skip the conversations about valuation and ownership.

Pay when you succeed.

Repay contributors from your future revenue, ensuring that you succeed together. The faster your revenue grows the better their ROI, so everyone wins. It's not debt - if there's no revenue, no payments are due.

Launching soon: a Shared Success Platform.

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