Reduce your costs and time to launch.

Secure the talent and funds you need from folks who are willing to put some skin in the game.

Define your needs.

You can create a Shared Success Agreement at any stage of your business, and for any services that your business might need to get to the next level.

Set the terms.

You decide how much of your future revenue to put on the line and at what multiple. Attract folks who are willing to be patient in exchange for upside.

Pay with success.

Repay contributors from your future revenue, ensuring that you succeed together. The faster your revenue grows the better their ROI, so everyone wins.

Founder Benefits Include...


Legal fees and ambiguity can consume your valuable time and money. An SSA makes it easy to get on the same page and get started.

Founder Friendly

Success payments continue only until the payment cap (based on the agreed multiple) is reached, keeping your options open.

Not equity

SSAs avoid valuation conversations and keep the cap table clean for the founder. Share some cash but keep control.

Not debt

Success payments are variable based on your revenue. Think of it as paying a royalty or cost of sales rather than as a liability.

Keep Your Equity. Share Your Success.

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